01 September 2020

HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions Joins Civic Alliance to Encourage Voter Engagement

HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions aims to increase civic engagement by providing our employees/consumers/audience with resources to take action in this election cycle
in the communities they live in. Today, HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions is proud to announce its partnership with the Civic Alliance, a nonpartisan coalition of businesses working together to build a future where every American participates in shaping our country’s future. The Civic Alliance works with businesses, leveraging their resources to increase civic participation in events such as voting and attending town hall meetings, among others.

To encourage its audiences to participate in elections, HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions is making a commitment to provide time to staff to participate and support getting out the vote, and encouraging civic engagement.

By making this commitment and becoming a member of the Civic Alliance, HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions joins a community of influential companies dedicated to promoting civic engagement. In an age where companies have an increasing responsibility to participate in current affairs, we are committed to providing our audiences with the tools and resources needed to be civically active in this election cycle, regardless of political affiliation.

The Civic Alliance is a growing, nonpartisan business coalition that strengthens our democracy by supporting safe, healthy, and trusted elections and inspiring every American to participate in shaping our country’s future. Founded by the CAA Foundation and Democracy Works, the Civic Alliance cultivates a community of companies united by a shared belief that an active democracy is good for business, and an engaged business community is good for democracy. With its valuable tools, resources, events, and partnership opportunities, the Civic Alliance helps companies engage employees and consumers as active participants in civic life. Join us at civicalliance.com.