08 May 2020

May 8, 2020
Portland, Oregon, USA
Tampa, Florida, USA
For Immediate Release

Collaboratory and NobleHour join the HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions family of products

HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions announces the recent acquisition of the products NobleHour and Collaboratory from TreeTop Commons, LLC. As we welcome the NobleHour and Collaboratory into the HandsOn Connect family, we believe the synergy with our products will greatly enhance the value we can offer our clients.

We are learning and listening, and what we bring technical resources to enhancements of the products. You are all are experts to make the best path forward. Hearing to a commitment to being collaborative.

NobleHour makes it easy to manage a community of people ready, willing, and able to make an impact. NobleHour is the most affordable and comprehensive set of engagement tools for service hour and project tracking, community engagement, and report generation.

Collaboratory integrates community engagement and public service data into your strategy. Developed in collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Collaboratory supports higher education institutions interested in furthering their understanding of the practice and scholarship of community engagement.

About TreeTop Commons

TreeTop Commons was a premier software company with a mission to inspire community engagement. We believe in the power of people partnering towards a common goal.

About HandsOn Connect

HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions was founded in 2006 by the merging of two technology companies.  HandsOn Connect focuses mainly on technology solutions for nonprofits and government agencies, such as the Corporation for National and Community Service and USAID. In 2015, Points of Light entered a strategic partnership with HandsOn Connect Cloud Solutions to sell and service the HandsOn Connect application, having been the development partner of the app for over eight years and a partner of Points of Light for over 14 years.

HandsOn Connect has been developing solutions in the area of volunteerism and service since before we were founded, going back to 2003.  We bring know-how not only in HandsOn Connect but also in Salesforce, PHP, .Net, Drupal, WordPress, web services, and other technologies.