LlamaPi Social Distancing imageOur commitment to our customers and communities

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis is affecting all of us in ways we never imagined.  During this time, we at HandsOn Connect:

  • Are focusing on the safety, wellbeing, and health of our employees, as well as providing job stability to help mitigate the impact on their professional and personal lives
  • Are committing our staff and resources to help our clients, and any nonprofit, during this crisis
  • Are collaborating with others to help make available tools and technology that may help
  • Are looking at how to help our neighbors, including for crises other than related to COVID-19

How can we help during the COVID-19 crisis?

HandsOn Connect will continuously be looking at ways to help our clients, and any nonprofit, during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis.  We understand that we are in a daily changing reality, and we will adjust as needed to be available and provide as much support as we can.  Visit our website for updates.

Here are a couple of initiatives we have started to help:

Daily “How can we help?” online sessions

Join us for Virtual Nonprofit Social Hour. No agenda, no prep, just folks who want to #domoregood spending some time together in the time of #COVID19.

Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. Let’s make new friends and strengthen relationships by spending a few minutes together around the virtual watercooler.

Really missing all my nonprofit and higher ed friends. So pop in for a few or for the whole hour and let’s chat.

Join our nonprofit virtual social hour!

HandsOn Connect Software for free for new users

We offer our software for free during disasters for 12-months or length of the declared disasters to organizations directly affected by the disaster.  Ask us if you qualify.

HandsOn Connect AddOns for free for existing customers

We are making available of AddOn such as the Check-in/out Kiosk, Advance Registration & Sign-up, Multilingual Sites and others

Additional support resources and articles

We are adding other resources to provide more support to our customers during this crisis.  We are happy to help update your website, add forms, help update your opportunities, and anything else you may need.

We are also providing instructions to help with commons requests we are receiving, such as setting up virtual opportunities, adding COVID-19 banners, additional communications with your volunteers, and using HandsOn Connect in new ways.

Activate and grow your volunteer base for essential and remote services with NobleHour

NobleHour logoJoin the COVID Response Team on NobleHour and stay up to date on best practices for growing and managing your essential and remote support base.

Partnership with Golden Volunteers to deploy the Mutual Aid application

In response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and the significant risk it poses to vulnerable members of every community, there is a new way you can safely serve your neighbors and get the help you need, online and in person.

Mutual Aid Networks and other community self-support projects near you.

As a nonprofit you qualify for the EIDL Loan Advance and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) through the SBA

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act passed by Congress, to provide relief related to the COVID-19 crisis, funds the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) with a grant of up to $10,000, and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).  Move quickly to apply.  For more information, visit the SBA’s Coronavirus Funding Options at https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/loans/coronavirus-relief-options.

Zoom or Google Hangout training and making Zoom rooms available

If you are a customer of HandsOn Connect, we are happy to help you in communication with your team.  We can help set up and train on how to use virtual meeting software and tools, such as Google Hangouts and Zoom.  We are also setting aside several Zoom room for customers that may need them.

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