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The #1 Volunteer Engagement Platform for Salesforce

Works seamlessly with Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

HandsOn Connect offers a full suite of customizable, best-in-class volunteer management tools for Salesforce users.

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Improve the way you manage volunteers on Salesforce with Hands On Connect

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Essential volunteer management tools for your Salesforce CRM

Organize and schedule volunteers, track their hours, and report on impact. Engage with individuals, groups, and teams through personalized communication and skill-to-opportunity matching. All of your volunteer data, stored in Salesforce.

Customized for your volunteer program

Take advantage of custom opportunity landing pages, opportunity types, search functionality, calendars, dashboards, and modules – all branded to represent your organization.

Hours Tracking

Easily track volunteer hours and sign-ups, verify contributions, and report on your impact.

Scheduling + Calendars

Use custom calendars to schedule volunteers across multiple programs and locations, while making it easy for volunteers to find opportunities.


Keep your volunteers in the loop with custom email and text communication options. Build community with social groups and volunteer chat threads.

Custom Modules

Add-ons for events, volunteer recognition, opportunity recommendations, mentoring, and classrooms makes it easy to build out the features you need.


Seamless integration with any Salesforce-compatible app and options for SSO for your users.

Volunteer Fundraising

Combine volunteer and donor data to maximize giving. Engage corporate partners to grow your community ties.

Flexible volunteer tech for any organization

Built with Salesforce in its DNA, Hands On Connect serves a wide range of volunteer programs.


What benefits does HandsOn Connect provide to volunteers?

HandsOn Connect offers volunteers a streamlined and effective platform for managing their volunteer engagements. With automated search and email tools, volunteers receive timely notifications about opportunities and events that align with their interests. The platform allows volunteers to express interest in specific opportunities and maintain a comprehensive record of their past and upcoming volunteer activities, including the hours they’ve contributed.

I already have the nonprofit Success Pack from Salesforce. How does HandsOn Connect differ from that?

While the nonprofit Success Pack in Salesforce focuses on managing donors and constituents internally, HandsOn Connect is tailored specifically for volunteer engagement. It provides a public website for volunteers and nonprofit organizational partners, offering a comprehensive solution for managing volunteer activities. Integrating both the nonprofit Success Pack and HandsOn Connect in Salesforce creates a powerful, unified platform for nonprofits working with volunteers.

How are HandsOn Connect and Salesforce related?

Think of Salesforce.com like an iPhone, offering a platform with existing functionality. Just as you can expand an iPhone’s functionality by downloading apps from the App Store, Salesforce.com has an App Exchange where you can choose from over 1,000 applications to enhance its capabilities (such as fundraising, accounting, and email broadcasting). HandsOn Connect is one such app that integrates with Salesforce, providing specialized volunteer management tools and leveraging decades of best practices. With HandsOn Connect, you get the best of both worlds: a top-tier CRM from Salesforce and cutting-edge volunteer management from HandsOn Connect.

I need to provide reports to my board each month. Can I do that with HandsOn Connect?

Absolutely! HandsOn Connect offers robust reporting capabilities, allowing you to create real-time reports on all the data you collect. You can use standard report templates or customize reports in various formats (tabular, summary, or matrix). The customization options include dragging and dropping fields, rearranging columns, and applying filters to the data. Additionally, you can create charts and graphs to visualize the data. Reports can be exported in Excel or CSV format for further analysis, and you can save report templates for future use. If your board requires a specific report on a regular basis, you can schedule the report to run automatically and be sent to board members on designated days.

How much does HandsOn Connect cost?

HandsOn Connect offers a sliding scale for fees, with discounts based on your affiliate status, nonprofit status, and annual program budget. To get more detailed pricing information, please request a free demo and we will be in touch to start building a custom quote. 

Can I use HandsOn Connect to work with non-English speaking populations in my community?

Absolutely! HandsOn Connect includes multilingual support, allowing you to engage with non-English speaking populations in your community, in the United States and Internationally.